Kelsey Affiliate FAQs

The Kelsey Affiliate Scheme

Which platform do Kelsey run the scheme through?
Kelsey use

Who is the ‘Publisher’ on Awin?
The Publisher is the Affiliate. You will need to set up a Publisher account.

Who is the ‘Advertiser’ on Awin?
The Advertiser is the merchant (i.e. Kelsey)

How does the Affiliate scheme work?
Publishers earn commission when a site visitor clicks on a Publisher’s link, (e.g. a banner on a website or email), directing to a particular Advertiser’s website (Kelsey shop) and there is a sale.

Who can apply to become a Kelsey Publisher/Affiliate?
Anyone with an appropriate platform to advertise our products on can become an Publisher. Awin will accept you as a Publisher if you have a website, blog, forum, social following or email newsletter.

How do I apply to become a Publisher (Affiliate)?
To apply to become a Publisher you need to register with Awin. They will take a £5 deposit.

What type of Publisher am I?
Please click here for a list of Publisher types and descriptions. We anticipate that most affiliate partners will be:
‘Display’ – Direct Traffic e.g. banners on a website
‘Content’ – Bloggers or via Social Media Platforms
‘Email’ – Affiliates using our graphics on newsletters

Why do Awin take a fee?
Implementing a payment within the sign-up process helps Awin to deter unscrupulous users from signing up with multiple accounts and therefore helps to keep applications dedicated to genuine affiliates.

How do I find Kelsey on Awin?
Search ‘Kelsey Media’ or ID 19854 on the Awin Advertiser Directory.

How do I find Kelsey offer graphics and create bespoke links for my channel/s?
Please see Awin’s link builder tutorial.

What happens if I can’t find relevant magazine graphics and/or dimensions?
Please contact who will be able to provide you with bespoke graphics.

What are Kelsey’s current commission rates?
Our commission rates are based on basket value:

£4.50 – £14.00 basket value = £2.00 commission
£14.01 – £30.00 basket value = £5.00 commission
£30.01 – £70.00 basket value = £10.00 commission
£70.01 – £100.00 basket value = £15.00 commission
£100:01+ basket value = £20.00 commission

What is the scheme attribution/cookie period?
Cookies are valid for 30 days so referral sales can be made at any point during this period

How does Awin track my sales?
Please see information on tracking here.

Once established, would Kelsey agree bespoke commission structure for high sellers?
Yes we are open to discussing this going forward

Do I need to specify that I use affiliate links?
Yes it is important to be transparent with your audience and either specify in your website T&Cs that you use affiliate links and earn a commission on sales, or specify in social posts that the link you are using is an ‘affiliate link’ – e.g. #afflink. Awin will be able to guide you further on this.