Kelsey Media operates an affiliate scheme on all Kelsey shop sales via

If you have a website, blog, forum, newsletter or large social media following, you could earn commission on sales of our products via your channels.

If you are interested in earning commission on sales of our industry-leading lifestyle, fitness, heritage and motoring magazine and bookazine titles via your channels, you can sign up as a ‘Publisher’ to our affiliate program on

Why join our affiliate scheme?

  • You can earn commission on basket value of up to £20 per sale! Please see our rates below.
  • Over 60 top magazines in digital and print format to promote to your audience
  • Over 150 bookazines and brand merchandise
  • Cookies are valid for 30 days so referral sales can be made at any point during this period
  • We will arrange individual brand graphics and bespoke graphic dimensions if you require them for your channel
  • Your audience will get access to significant discounts on newsstand prices
  • Delivery is included in all product prices
  • You’ll get access to regularly updated creative and offers
  • We will agree bonus offers for high-sellers

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Please watch Awin’s tutorial video here.

Would I register on Awin as a Publisher or an Advertiser?

Affiliates on Awin are known as the ‘Publisher’. Kelsey (the merchant) is the ‘Advertiser’. You will need to set up a Publisher account.

Earn the below commission on basket value:

£4.50 – £14.00 basket value = £2.00 commission

£14.01 – £30.00 basket value = £5.00 commission

£30.01 – £70.00 basket value = £10.00 commission

£70.01 – £100.00 basket value = £15.00 commission

£100:01+ basket value = £20.00 commission

How do I become an Affiliate?

  1. If you think you would qualify as a ‘Publisher’ (Affiliate) with Awin e.g. you have a website/blog/newsletter, register on their website and pay the £5 set-up fee. Please find Awin’s Publisher FAQs here.
  2.  Once accepted by Awin, go to Advertisers > Join Programmes and search for Kelsey Media or search under our ID 19854. Click + Join Programme.
  3. Once accepted by us, you can access our T&Cs and extensive library of offer graphics to promote to your audience
  4. Finally, generate bespoke links from your Awin Dashboard and publish our graphics on your channel/s
  5. There is a 30 day attribution (cookie) period on all sales
  6. Start earning commission of Kelsey products today!


If you have any questions, please contact

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